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4 June 2001

"All Your Bronson Are Belong To Us"

Summer Breeze ...

"... makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my miiiiiind ..." Ahh, those fabulous '70s. Yours for only $9.95. Order now and receive a very special "Seals & Crofts: The Musical!" original cast recording as our gift.

Suuuure. Meanwhile, we've got something more relevant: some June and July concerts on deck at B.E. Central. Here's the deal: The June venues (Godfrey Daniels and Longwood Gardens) are brand-spanking new for us. We'd love nothing more than to pack these venues in big-time (barring any fire hazards, most certainly). Did you get that? PACK! IN! BIG- TIME! :-)

So please - help us spread the word far and wide and let's go crazy. "Let's get nuts. Let's look 4 the purple banana 'til they put us in the truck, let's go!" Ahh, those fabulous '80s ...

In other news, some of you have asked us "Hey us, whatever happened with that music B.E. was working on for the film "When the Forest Ran Red?" Good question, some of you.

My sources inform me that "Forest" is in the proverbial can (for those who don't know the lingo, that's a good thing!) and will reportedly make a debut on PBS sometime this fall. No date has been set yet, but as always we'll be sure to keep you posted. After PBS, who knows what adventures lie ahead? (Ohhhh, History Channel, we're a-knockin' ...)

Joe D'Andrea

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