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Chat about arrangement ideas:

Tom:If we ever play "Lord Bateman" again, I'm telling ya: twelve-string electric guitar.
Jim:Hey, why not?
Amy:It's the only one we haven't brought back.
Joe:"Lord Bateman" is a beautiful tune. Adding twelve-string electric ... hey, any instrument that I can't play I have tremendous respect for, not to mention the person playing it. Not that I don't have respect for the violin.
Helene:That's a big deal.
Joe:It is a big deal! I tried playing it. It wasn't pretty. It's a credit to everybody else that I'm able to think up this stuff because if I don't have anything to play off of, I'm going to sound lousy. And you're always pushing me in new directions. Someone once offered me this advice: Always endeavor to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.
Helene:You're supposed to play tennis with people who are better than you.
Jim:I don't know if you necessarily need to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you but –
Joe:Well, I meant people who are going to challenge your point of view.
Amy:People who are going to lead you to do things that you wouldn't do otherwise.
Helene:I always enjoyed being in orchestras that were too hard for me. You end up with an inferiority complex except that you get better. [laughter]
Tom:Something I've gotten out of working with Jim over the years is that he has a real sense of adventure about arrangements and a willingness to go one step or two beyond what I'm usually willing to do. I stretch out and take chances musically.
Jim:Tom and I were talking on the phone the other day and I was telling him about that idea for horns on "Bruton Town" and he said something like "I have my doubts." And then, I didn't say this, but I really wanted to say: "Well, Tom, I'd be worried about you if you didn't have your doubts!"
Helene:But that's actually been kind of a ritual, where Jim comes up with something and everybody laughs at him and says: "Oh, I don't know." And then we end up doing it anyway.
Amy:And then we do it and it's really cool!
Helene:That's been going on for eight years.
Jim:Well, sometimes we do it and it really sucks and then we just forget all about it.
Amy:Well it's good to have those.
Tom:I think his success rate is greater than fifty percent.
Helene:And we never say: "Oh, well because seventy-five percent of the time your ideas are really cool we're just going to buy it at face value this time."
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