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The New Saint George

The time has come for action, leave your satisfaction
Don't you hear Saint George's tune, Saint George's tune is calling you on
Freedom was your mother, fight for one another
Leave the factory, leave the forge and dance to the new Saint George

Don't believe pretenders who say they would defend us
While they flash their teeth and wave the other hand is being paid
They choke the air and bleed us, these noble men who lead us
Leave the factory …

The fish and fowl are ailing, the farmer's life is failing
Where are all your backroom boys, your backroom boys won't save us now
We're poisoned by the greedy, who plunder on the needy
Leave the factory …

The time has come for action …

Words and music by Richard Thompson, ©1972 Warlock Music.

See also: Richard Thompson's original lyrics.

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