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5 November 1996

Our autumn season is just about wrapped up at this point, and we've had some real highlights - opening up for Ralph McTell at Philly's Tin Angel was the high-water mark, in my opinion. Our double bill with Stick wizard Greg Howard at the LionFish was another great night. The only thing left is our trip to Charlottesville, VA for our show at the Prism (thanks Greg!).

I'm hoping that we can start to roll out some more new material soon; it has been a start-and-stop process over the last few months. Our rehearsal time has been limited, and we've been playing a lot of shorter sets, at which we tend to focus on older parts of the repertoire. However, some good ideas are flowing now, so with luck and a little effort we should be able to bring some new music out of the shed soon.

Tom Rhoads

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