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Cover Art

CD-ROM Demo (1998)

Technically a "calling card" for Broadside Electric Mark IV, this CD features the full quintet. Available on CD (CS 1706D).

This CD is a combination of digital audio and data. But you already know that by now.

The audio portion consists of demo tracks recorded in late 1997. Two of our favorites, Babylon and As I Roved Out, have been reworked and expanded considerably. The other three tracks are new offerings: With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm, Hovercraft Full of Eels and Minka.

The data portion amounts to what you might call a comprehensive Broadside Electric encyclopedia. Arranged in the form of a self-contained web site, biographies, articles, repertoire, liner notes, photos and a full-length interview are only part of what lies inside.

Babylon (trad., Newfoundland, arr. B.E.)   5:50

We open with a fun little song about a serial killer. It is our version of Child ballad #14, with the tune and lyric left more or less intact, as collected by Greenleaf and Mansfield in 1929. Jim added the recurring Stick riff, and Tom added what we call the "Pete Townshend" section, and we first recorded it all in 1995 for our "More Bad News" album. In 1997 Ashley and Amy poured their instruments into this new version. I'm sure you'll find these additions most agreeable.

Ashley: Drumkit, harmony vocals; Amy: Whistle, harmony vocals; Tom: Acoustic guitar & vocals; Jim: Stick® & recorder; Helene: Electric violin.

With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm (Weston & Lee, arr. B.E.)   5:26

with Ternovka Sher (Dave Tarras, arr. B.E.)

Another light-hearted look at decapitation! We believe this to be a song from the English music hall repertoire from the turn of the [20th] century, but we have yet to confirm this. Jim first heard it on Stanley Holloway's "'Ere's 'Olloway" album, and thought it would make an excellent Klezmer vehicle. Helene learned the sher from an Andy Statman album.

Ashley: Drumkit; Amy: Oboe; Tom: Acoustic guitar & vocals; Jim: Stick; Helene: Electric violin.

Hovercraft Full Of Eels (trad., Ireland, arr. B.E.)   3:45

This is the tune set with which we're currently, as of this writing, opening our live shows. Helene and Amy put together all our tune sets, including this one, back in the proverbial smoke-filled room. The three tunes included here are Langstrom's Pony, Donald McLean of Lewis, and Eel in the Sink. We based the title on a line from Monty Python's "Hungarian Phrase Book" sketch.

Ashley: Drumkit; Amy: Whistle; Tom: Electric guitar; Jim: Bass; Helene: Electric violin.

Minka (trad., Bulgaria, arr. B.E.)   2:47

A lovely dance tune in 7/8 that Amy brought to us. 7/8 is an odd time signature by any Western standards, but Ashley couldn't leave well enough alone, oh no. It's now in 7/4, which means 2 measures of old tune are here squeezed into one measure of the new. Ashley obfuscated it further with occasional cymbal counterpoint in five (and, in recent concerts, three). Of course the downbeats get completely fouled up, to the great consternation of international dancers everywhere.

Ashley: Drumkit; Amy: Flute; Tom: Appalachian dulcimer; Jim: Bass; Helene: Electric violin.

As I Roved Out (trad., Ireland, arr. B.E.)   4:39

Tom introduces this song as being about the "bad points of having casual sex with people you don't know." In actuality there are many such bad points that this song does not get into, but at least there are a few amusing ones worth singing about. This is another track originally recorded on the M.B.N. album, here re-recorded to again include our two newest members. Now even more loud and unruly! Folk DJ's beware: The feedback solo, which is not traditional, was executed by Mike Ciul.

Ashley: Drumkit; Amy: Whistle; Tom: Electric guitar; Jim: Stick® & loops; Helene: Electric violin.

All tracks produced by Broadside Electric & Tommy Joyner
Recorded and mixed at Milkboy Recording, Philadelphia, PA
Engineered by Tommy Joyner
Digital audio mastering by Peter Humphreys at Masterwork, Philadelphia, PA
CD-ROM production and content by Broadside Electric
HTML design and layout by Ashley D'Andrea and Paul Grzelak
All image scans and artwork by Helene Zisook
Photography by Kenric & Sue Ströhm, Mike Ciul and Abby Kay
HTML pre-processing performed with htp 1.10 © 1995-96 Jim Nelson
Manufactured by Semi-Automatic Disc Manufacturing
Extra-special thanks to Eileen Downey, Dave Kormann, Gary Murakami, George Otto, Jim Rowland and Jim Snyder.

Stick, The Stick and Chapman Stick are registered trademarks of Stick Enterprises, Inc.
All other trademarks and servicemarks are the property of their respective owners.
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