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Live: Do Not Immerse (2002)

You asked for it, and here it is: the new live Broadside album! In December 2001 we recorded a special concert at the Allens Lane Arts Center in Philadelphia. We played long, we played hard, and we had a lot of fun - and the best performances went onto this disc. A tasty mix of new material and reinvented favorites recorded before an enthusiastic audience. Available on CD (CS 1708D).

This album might not be quite what you'd expect from a Broadside Electric live album. Some of these pieces are new. Others we have played for years, but have never committed to disc. We decided not to record some of the songs from our last album, With Teeth, because while they're important in our repertoire, we didn't want to revisit them so soon - it seemed redundant. Partly because of that decision, this is the least "trad" of all our albums in terms of material. Still, if you attended a Broadside concert in 2001, you probably heard a lot of the pieces recorded here, and we've loved playing them. Press play, and read on...

The Band:
Ashley D'Andrea    drums, percussion, vocals
Amy Ksir    oboe, flute, tin whistle, vocals
Tom Rhoads    lead vocals, guitars, mountain dulcimer
Jim Speer    NS/Stick guitar-bass, vocals
Helene Zisook    electric violin, vocals

Behind the Scenes:
Planning and logistics by Jim Speer
Recording by Scott Peterson and Dave Reichard (L.S. Peterson Creative Services)
Location sound by Terry Mutchler and Jim Jackson (Mountain Top Productions)
Mixed by Tommy Joyner and Broadside Electric at MilkBoy Recording, Ardmore, PA
Mixing assistance by Daniel Hurwitz and Katie Pabarue
Mastered by David Musial with Ashley D'Andrea at SkyRoom Studios, Jersey City, NJ
Audio assembly by Tom Rhoads
Cover design by Amy Ksir
Graphic production by Helene Zisook
Back cover photo by Ann Bies
Other band photos by Kurt Hockenbury
Produced by Broadside Electric
All arrangements by Broadside Electric, except as noted
NS/Stick is a registered trademark of Stick Enterprises, Inc.


01 Ampère's Law 3:19
Words and Music ©2001 Walter Fox Smith
Our very first song about electromagnetism. Perhaps it's yours, too! When not writing songs, Walter Smith teaches physics at Haverford College, where some of us were once students. You can see more of his work at www.PhysicsSongs.org.

02 Mosé salió de Misrayim 5:13
A Sephardic Jewish song from Morocco, which we recorded way back in 1992 on our first album. We brought it back to our repertoire in the spring of 2001 for a Passover concert. The words are in Ladino - a medieval Spanish written with the Hebrew alphabet - with a bit of Hebrew. The story is of Moses' youth, when he left Egypt (Misrayim), married, and climbed Mount Horeb for some career guidance.

03 A Rat in Her Pocket (tunes) 5:12
"Tobin's Favorite" (jig), "The Trip to Durrow" and "Cottage in the Grove" (reels)
A little collection of Irish music that we've played on and off since 1997. We're not sure of the name of the last tune, it might be called "Lad O'Beirne's." The title of the set was provided by Mike Ciul in an audience competition. (The runner-up title was "Defenestrate the Turnips.")

04 With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm 6:03
Words and Music: R.H. Weston and Bert Lee
With "Ternovka Sher" by Dave Tarras
This escaped music-hall convict has gotten to be so much fun on stage that we couldn't possibly leave it out of a live album. All together now... AIEEEEEEEEEEE!!! OK, how many decapitations was that?


05 Homeless Wassail 3:31
Words and Music ©1998 by Ian Robb, SOCAN
Arrangement by Tom Rhoads
Over the years we have had several a capella pieces in our sets. This is the most recent, and appropriate to the season of the concert. The author, Ian Robb, is an Englishman long resident in Canada, a great singer and a member of the group Finest Kind.

06 Whirly Whorl 6:18
With "William and Nancy" and "Postman's Knock"
A jaunty, naughty little song we first heard from a recording by Anne Briggs. The arrangement welds in a couple of morris tunes - a kind of tribute to the '70's Albion Band.

07 When Britain Really Ruled the Waves 3:52
From "Iolanthe" (words: W.S. Gilbert; music: Arthur S. Sullivan)
A somber, thoughtful examination of the role of the House of Lords in world history. Well, maybe not! Ashley and Jim get increasingly prog-ish, while Tom overdoes the vibrato.

08 Romanian Fantasy #1 3:52
Josef Solinski
Helene picked this up from Solinski's recording, but it developed a less traditional feel once the rhythm section got hold of it. Our pet name for this one is "Yummy Klezmer."


09 Mr faare mit dr SBB 4:51
Words and Music by Walter Wild
With "Ein Neue Alte" (traditional)
Everybody loves a train, and it seems the Swiss are no exception. Jim and Helene heard this song on an in-flight audio program on Swissair, and tracked it down so that it could be converted into a beer garden stomp. (The SBB is the Schweizerische Bundesbahnen - the Swiss national railway.)

10 Sheath and Knife 6:32
Words: Traditional (Child Ballad #16)
Music: Anonymous (French madrigal, "Mignonne, allons voir si la rose")
The obligatory Child ballad... We first recorded this gripping song in 1996 when we were a trio, but the live version took on a new life when the band expanded to a quintet.

11 New York Girls (extended Klez mix) 9:34
With "Broyges Tanz" (traditional), "Galitzianer Tansel" (Shloimke Beckerman), and "Beckerman Honga" (adapted by Joshua Horowitz).
Well, it just wouldn't be a Broadside concert if we didn't play this. Every now and then we add another tune to challenge ourselves.

12 Por la tu puerta 5:57
Another Sephardic song, this time from Turkey. This tender (if slightly muddled) love song has been performed since 1991 by all four lineups of Broadside Electric, but this is its first appearance on disc. The verses are in Ladino, the chorus in Turkish.



to those who helped make it happen:
Ray Ashley and Mike Agranoff for emceeing
Larry Dietrick for roadieing beyond the call of duty
Paul Grzelak for help, chocolate, and coinage
Amy Masterman at Allens Lane Arts Center
Scott, Terry, David, and Jackson for making us sound good
(and Terry for figuring out how to turn on the lights)
Gene Shay for light-years of Philly folk radio
Our families, friends and fans for all their support
Lynn Alderfer, Ann Bies, Emmett and Yuta Chapman, Mike Ciul,
Nancy and Alexander D'Andrea, John Jordan, Ben Lewis, George Rhoads,
Chris Robinson, Doris Speer, Barbara Wichard, Jerry Zisook

and to our musical sources:
Joshua Horowitz and Alicia Svigals for "Beckerman Honga"
Ursi Kern for the Swiss words to "SBB"
Mattie O'Boyle for "Tobin's Favorite"
Ian Robb for "Homeless Wassail"
Walter Smith for "Ampère's Law"
Voice of the Turtle for "Mosé" and "Puerta"

Also Available from Broadside Electric:
With Teeth (1999)
More Bad News (1996)
Amplificata (1994)
Black-edged Visiting Card (1992)

Lyrics (and much more) can be found at www.broadside.org.

Recorded live, December 16, 2001, at the Allens Lane Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA.

Made in USA
©(p) 2002 Clever Sheep Records
PO Box 331 - Ardmore, PA 19003

A parrot named Scrape squawks in hiding.

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