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From Year One | Machine

Also see Fusebox

From Year One.


From Year One

Released 1999
CS VILE1C (Chrome Cassette)
Running Time: 90 minutes

In 1996 Unsound was a trio consisting of Mike Ciul, Jim Speer and Helene Zisook. Every piece was based on a brand new idea for patching gadgets together or improvising around a theme. Helene was learning the bold and brilliant improv chops that she would later apply in Three Hour Detour. Now you can relive those glorious days without waiting 20 minutes between each track for the band to re-patch.



Artwork ©1998 Matt Howarth.
Used with permission.



Released 1998
CS MACH1C (Chrome Cassette)
Running Time: 60 minutes

Unsound's automatic-music project sports original cover art by cartoonist Matt Howarth, author of Those Annoying Post Bros. and other comix.

Unsound Machine is the name of the tape series and also the name of the feedback network that produces the tapes. After the devices are set up, they produce a neverending stream of unrepeating MIDI and audio signals without human interference.

The output is recorded onto tape in 30-minute segments. You get two different configurations on each unique 60-minute tape. Tapes can be customized upon request.


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