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Dirty Linen, December/January 1997

Olson's Standard Book of British (and Celtic!) Nerds

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More Good News: Broadside Electric, an excellent Pennsylvania folk-rock band, have released new versions of their albums Amplificata [Clever Sheep CS-1703D] and More Bad News [Clever Sheep CS-1704D]. Amplificata, a very nice set recorded "live in the studio," is now out on CD for the first time. You could fault the sound for not being state of the art, but why bother? The music's great. More Bad News has been remixed and now sports three bonus tracks, all of them songs dealing with history: Leon Rosselson's "World Turned Upside Down," James Taylor's "Sugar Trade," and the Animaniacs' wacky historical tale "Magellan." The music sounds terrific and the new songs are a hoot. If you're a Steeleye Span fan, you ought to hear these guys. [Clever Sheep Records / Box 331 / Ardmore, PA 19003]

And so, with the sound of Amplified English folk music in my ears, visions of the Bayeux Tapestry dancing before my eyes, I'll head to bed. There I'll be counting sheep, and keeping my mind's eye peeled for Harold ... that most dangerous of animals - the clever sheep!

- Steve Winick
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