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Congratulations! You've discovered the SECRET BONUS TRACKS!

Thanks to our friends at digitalphono.com (sm) we proudly offer one retrospective track from each of our first three albums. The tracks boast CD quality sound, credits, lyrics and cover art, yet they take up a mere fraction of the space compared to the original CD tracks!

You'll have to do some extra legwork first, but once you hear them we think you'll agree it was worth the effort.

  • Your browser must support JavaScript (and it must be enabled) before proceeding!

  • Visit the digitalphono.com web site. Download and install their audio player software on your computer. Check their site for platform availability and system requirements before downloading. You only need to install the player once.

  • The next step is important. The first time you play each of these tracks, you must be connected to the public Internet. That's because these files are digitally encrypted (for legal reasons). We've added some JavaScript code that actually obtains "clearance" to unlock the tracks (or something like that; look, we're trying to be metaphorical here). The end result is that an audio track will be saved as a file on your hard disk. Once that's finished, you're set! Again, this is necessary only for the first time you play each track. Afterward, you no longer need to be online, or even have the CD-ROM in the drive. Simply play the audio file that was saved to your hard disk.

  • Please select from the following bonus tracks:

    1. "False Sir John" (5157 kb, originally 56158 kb) from Black-edged Visiting Card
    2. "Rufford Park Poachers" (5585 kb, originally 60982 kb) from Amplificata
    3. "Lord Bateman" (5404 kb, originally 58398 kb) from More Bad News

  • If, after all this, you're still having trouble getting to these bonus tracks, visit our special Top-Secret Surprise Page for late-breaking updates.

Broadside Electric hereby thanks the phenomenal team at digitalphono.com (Eileen Downey, Dave Kormann, Gary Murakami, George Otto, Jim Rowland and Jim Snyder) for their enthusiasm and assistance in preparing these bonus tracks. If you're as impressed as we are, we encourage you to check out all the other terrific music at their website!

digitalphono.com is a servicemark of AT&T Corp.
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